Sapropel – is a unique natural organic material of colloid structure (more like a gel), which has formed in the bottom of lakes during thousands of years from lake fauna and flora residues. It has been measured that sapropel layer grows only by 1-2 mm annually. Hence, the layer of several meters can be 10 thousand or even more years old, when techno genic pollution did not exist at all. Visually sapropel is similar to lake silt, however differs from silt by its physiochemical structure and composition of valuable organic substances.



Sapropel, due to its unique composition and properties can be used as:

  • • organic fertilizer – it increases soil fertility and improves soil agrochemical properties;
  • • feed additive for livestock and poultry farming – animals will be healthier, will grow faster and will gain more weight;
  • • sapropel is also used in SPAs, cosmetics and construction industry and other areas.