JSC “EcoLotus” proposes cleaning (also deepening) service of water bodies (lakes, ponds, ports, rivers, channels, quarries). Furthermore, we can also rent a dredger or participate in projects as the subcontractor. We can connect our pump to electricity where it is possible, thus saving project expenses.

Water body managementMain specifications of our “DragFlow” dredge:

  • General pump capacity – up to 100 m3/h;
  • Operating depth – up to 35 m;
  • Head – up to 75 m;
  • Horizontal transportation distance – up to 1000 m;
  • Simple control and motion;
  • Echo-sounder with sonar – allows monitor work very precisely;
  • Dismountable and easily transportable;
  • Complies with all EU shipping and safety requirements.