We are JSC EcoLotus. The company has been established in the end of 2010. Our specialization – excavation of sapropel and its preparation.

We aim to provide effective, long-acting and ecological organic fertilizers, affordable and effective ecological feed additives for livestock, and material for cosmetics and construction industry.

We offer highest quality organic sapropel. We feel responsibility for our production, thus we execute and control the whole process ourselves: from selection of the most suitable lake to sapropel excavation and preparation. We choose only exceptionally clean secluded lakes in Lithuania, and we make decision to start dredging only after extensive biochemical, environmental and physical investigation. In excavation we use the newest specific equipment. We cooperate with local and foreign research centers with deep experience to examine sapropel and its products.

Ecology, sustainability and responsibility are very important values for us. Thus we will gladly cooperate with those, who do care what we put into the soil, what is fed to animal or applied on our skin. We consult, help and share our knowledge with our partners and customers and learn from them. Let‘s communicate and cooperate!