We were among the first who joined the initiative “Fireflies” (lt. “Jonvabaliai”), which aims to make the European Union (EU) funded projects more transparent. This initiative, which has no analogues in the EU, will encourage companies and organizations to voluntarily disclose to the public more information about their projects. Residents will have the opportunity not only to learn how much was paid for one thing or the other, get information about the project’s shareholders, the organizational structure and so on, but also will have the right to address their questions direct to the project executor.

Transparency Initiative “Fireflies” was established by the Association of Investors ‘Forum, an association of the Knowledge Economy Forum, University of Technology, Kaunas, Lithuania Responsible Business Association (LAVA), the Confederation of Lithuanian Industrialists, the Finance Ministry, Lithuanian Business Employers’ Confederation and Transparency International Lithuania Division.

For more information visit project’s page: www.jonvabaliai.lt